Michael Alexis

michael alexis lawyerWhen I was 5 years old I decided to become a lawyer — I thought it would be cool to drive a Jaguar.

At 16 I won my first trial.

At 20 I consulted for Compass Group, a Fortune 500 company.

At 21 I consulted for a major government in Asia.

At 22 I learned Mandarin-Chinese (and lived in China for 2 years).

At 23 I graduated from University of Guelph, Commerce with honours.

At 25 I started and sold an ecommerce company.

At 27 I graduated from UBC Law and worked with Miller Thomson LLP, a national firm.

At 29 I started my own law firm — Michael Alexis Professional Corporation.

We provide big firm service at reasonable prices, with expertise in:

  • internet business & startups
    • started and sold an ecommerce company
    • can code in PHP, RoR, Javascript, HTML+CSS, etc.
    • consulting clients include: Ramit Sethi (NYT Best Selling Author), Andrew Warner (Mixergy), Derek Halpern (Social Triggers), etc.
  • restaurants & small business
    • consulted for Compass Group Canada (world’s largest contract food service company)
    • worked with: Kaleidoscope Cafe & Wine Bar, Latinos Restaurant, Swiss Chalet — certified as chef, food safety, Safe Serve, etc.
  • tax law
    • award winning tax author (awarded by former Chief Justice of the Tax Court of Canada, the Honourable Donald G.H. Bowman)
  • Chinese speaking lawyer
    • read, write and speak Chinese
    • only Mandarin-Chinese speaking lawyer in Guelph and area
    • 会中文的律师

City Connections:

  • I grew up in Guelph: Pearl St, Park St, Forest Hill Dr, Fife Rd, Pinnacle Cres, Forest St, Thornhill Dr — John McRae, Gateway Drive, Taylor Evans, G.C.V.I, University of Guelph.
  • I shop at Market Fresh, the Stone Store and the Guelph Farmers’ Market.
  • Some of my favourite Guelph places: OX, Guelph Public Library, Riverside Park, the Covered Bridge, City Hall’s skating rink.


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