If you operate a restaurant (or are planning one), I may be the one lawyer who understands your business from the bottom up.

  • I’ve worked as a dishwasher, line cook, chef (accredited), server, bartender, assistant manager, manager, food safety trainer and everything in between
  • I’ve served clients like the Province of Ontario, Tennis Canada and RBC
  • I turned down an opportunity at the top restaurant in the world (then the Fat Duck in UK)
  • then I started consulting:
    • small local restaurants (marketing to college students)
    • international restaurants (major media features)
    • Fortune 500: Compass Group (HR/Employment issues)
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      Services available include: employee contracts, supplier contract reviews, litigation, preventing litigation, franchising, incorporation, etc.

      If you are in the restaurant business — give me a call at 519.835.0007 — I can help you build legal systems to protect and grow your investment.