Founders, I understand your business from the bottom up:

  • I started and sold an ecommerce company
  • my consulting clients include Ramit Sethi (IWTYTBR), Andrew Warner (Mixergy) and Derek Halpern (Social Triggers)
  • I’ve been featured on Mixergy, Quicksprout (Neil Patel), KISSmetrics (Hiten Shah), Hack the System (Maneesh Sethi), Hacker News (Paul Graham), Best of Quora (Marc Bodnick), etc.
  • I can code in PHP, JavaScript, ROR, HTML+CSS — I designed this site
  • I worked with a national firm before founding my own

Services include: partnership agreements, incorporation, client contracts, intellectual property protection, employee or contractor agreements, reviewing funding documents, etc.

The best time to start working with a lawyer is TODAY. A partnership agreement might be $299, but fighting over equity later will be 1000x more.

If you have a quick question (and aren’t ready for a lawyer yet), just give me a call. I’ll point you in the right direction and won’t send you a bill.

Here is what it’s like to work with me:

  • reasonable fees — I’m not cheap, but I won’t nickle and dime you
  • retainer option — pay a set monthly fee to control your costs and increase or decrease as needed
  • payment plan option — we can setup automatic payments over the next 12 months or whatever you need